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Elsa’s voracious sexuality also ?owered during this early period

Elsa’s voracious sexuality also ?owered during this early period

Her sexual aggressiveness promoted the same kind of “strangeness” de Certeau notes as the province of the everyday wandering that reembodies otherwise rationalized city streets

“charlatan,” “she’s insane,” and other rotten tomatoes. At your best you prefer the complex, intellectual sterilities of a Dorothy Richardson. Any new simplicity confounds you. I have been amused at the serious discussions concerning Else Loringhoven’s “insanity.” She is a rare, normal being who shocks people by taking off her chemise in public. She has the balanced precision of a conscious savage. She does not violate rules: she enters a realm into which they cannot pursue her. Even her shouts rise to discriminating climaxes.91

homoeroticism and veiled homosexuality, and, in the case of Wolfskehl’s Kosmiker Spectrum group, to a supposed male feminism that celebrated passion and free love.